The importance of Aspect when designing your garden

The aspect of a garden relates to how the sun moves the shade around your garden and it affects how every plant or tree grows in your space. Here in the UK, it is preferred to have a south facing garden as this is where the sun spends most of its time warming the soil

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Dividing Herbaceous Perennials

Perennials are the plants that grace our gardens year after year with their variety of brilliant colours and unique foliage. After a few years in the garden some of these perennials may start to produce smaller blooms, develop bald spots in their crown or may even need a lot of staking to prevent falling over.

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Bulbs to plant in September

Now the evenings are drawing in, it’s time to starting planning for colour in the Spring, whether it’s for pots outside the front door or adding early colour to borders.  Bulbs are an easy choice, just plant them and forget about them over the winter and they will bring promise of warmer days to come

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